Columbus Gets in the Halloween Spirit

Columbus Gets in the Halloween Spirit

Who doesn’t love a good scare? It’s really what Halloween is all about. The days are short and crisp, nights are long, blustery, and spooky, and Halloween decorations are up everywhere! I took a short walk (because everywhere in town is a short walk!) yesterday around both the business district and the residential neighborhoods of the city with my camera, and found a ton of creative decorations. Some are festive, some chilling. Have a look:

Jack 'O Lantern and skull decorations along a walkway. The cuter side of Halloween! Jack ‘O Lantern and skull decorations along a walkway. Costumes on mannequins and a large jack 'o lantern Downtown Columbus is looking very Halloween-ish! Skeletons posed with a wheelchair Skeletons out on a wild wheelchair ride! Tent decorated in spider webs. I can NOT wait to see who (or what) is going to pop out of this tent during trick-or-treat! jack o lantern decorations outdoors in a yard A spooky Jack O’ Lantern meeting in someone’s front yard! Large spider decoration outdoors A particularly eerie spider with a human-ish mask face. Scarecrows, straw bales, and pumpkins in front of a down town shop Scarecrows, straw bales, and pumpkins on James Street.

Truth be told, by autumn wanderings were not completely without purpose other than this post! There is a bit of a contest going on in town to see who can come up with the best, most creative Halloween decorations. It’s going to be a tough call this year – the folks who entered really went all-out. Great job to all!

Come and visit us this Halloween season in Columbus. We have a community bonfire on Friday, and Trick-or Treat is on Saturday, October 26th from 5 to 8PM. Have a fantastically spooky Halloween, everyone!

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