Lights, Camera, Christmas!

Lights, Camera, Christmas!

Things are getting festive in Columbus! Although our annual tree lighting was cancelled and the 2020 Holiday Train has gone virtual, the citizens of Columbus have made up for it by bringing all those amazing holiday lights out from the basement or attic and showing their cheer! I filled up my best travel mug with hot cocoa and set out for a drive to bring you a sampling of Columbus’ displays.

One of the most notable houses I came upon was on Birdsey Street. This house, nicknamed the “Christmas House”, has a light show complete with timed lights blinking and chasing to a special sound track that you can tune into on your car radio! This fabulous treat, it turns out, is in the name of a good cause. Viewers are invited to donate to the NICC Foundation, a local charity that helps families with Christmas gifts, as well as other donations throughout the year. The Christmas House Facebook page can be found HERE.

Downtown businesses and city buildings are joining in the fun, too! Visit Columbus’ historic downtown to find some of these gems and more.

Take a look at all of these fabulously lit houses I found! The pictures really don’t do them justice though, so I highly recommend that you grab a mug of hot cocoa and jump in your car to cruise around Columbus.

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